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Too Much of a Good Thing?

The Covid-19 virus is keeping most of us indoors. Sports activities, gyms, swimming pools and parks are closed. Since good health requires that we take some form of regular exercise, it is desirable that we devise ways of keeping fit until it is once again safe to be together in public. There are many articles appearing online for ways to exercise at home. Pick one that you like and will do. Which exercise is best for you? The one that you do.

How much should we exercise? Ayurveda answers; “Do not exercise too much.” Modern “wisdom” says exercise more, harder, improve every day, push past resistance. “No pain no gain.” If good health is the objective, this is not good advice. When we become fatigued our immune system is weakened and we are more susceptible to disease and infection. Fatigue is a form of stress and should be avoided if possible.

Ayurveda suggests this guideline: “Exercise only to one half your capacity.” It is important to understand that “capacity” changes every day. Today I may feel capable of walking 10 kilometers before becoming tired. Therefore I should walk 5 kilometers. Tomorrow I may feel less energy and sense that I could only do 3 kilometers before becoming tired. I will then walk one kilometer and a half. In this way one can avoid fatigue (the enemy of health) and yet still improve physically.

I wish you luck in finding an enjoyable way to get the exercise you need during these challenging times. Just don’t do too much.

Stay safe. Stay sheltered. Stay healthy.


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